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Hangars of polygonal type
Custom order 
Hangars of polygonal type are widely used in the industry and agriculture as warehouse, production rooms, and also as the covered parkings and car showrooms. Non-standard constructive solutions of hangars of polygonal type allow to build hangars for planes and the covered sports constructions. Adva
Group: Hangars
Hangars are arch
Custom order 
Arch hangar - one of the most popular objects in modern construction. Its constructive basis is made by geometrically steady form - an arch. For this reason arch hangars have the big sizes, than hangars of other type. The framework of such hangar consists of metal kontruktion which fasten to the...
Group: Hangars
Hangar with vertical walls
Custom order 
The hangar with vertical walls is on the one hand technically grandiose decision, and with another a mobile folding and combined design which allows to solve at the same time several aspects in the construction and material plan. Rather low metal consumption, strong spatial construction, short...
Group: Hangars


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