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Metal and metal-roll processing

Production of shaft to order
The main material for production of shaft: carbonaceous and alloyed became. Depending on appointment the shaft can be covered with elastic material which will provide soft contact with a side surface and will increase frictional qualities. Coverings of this kind are used...
Group: Metal working
Services on are flexible metal
Metal process as a result of which the metal leaf gets a necessary form is called flexible. It is flexible metal - it is the technological process quite demanded at production of various metal wares.   The procedure are flexible metal it is carried out thanks to extension of the external...
Group: Metal and metal-roll working
Turning and milling works
Ways of processing of turnery strongly differ. The traditional way offers application of tverdoplavny plates (replaceable) and elbor. Cutters fix by means of screws and wedge-shaped clips to exclude emergence of residual tension and to increase the accuracy of the performed turning works....
Group: Machining of metal
Noriya, scraper conveyor to order
Noriya — the grain conveyors intended for transportation of bulks in industrial and agricultural branch. Are intended to Noriya for vertical transportation of easily bulks of agricultural and industrial branches, including the granulated products, grain, oil-bearing, leguminous and melkosemyanny...
Group: Production of nonstandard equipment made of metal


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